Monday, February 8, 2010

Good weekend. Good people. Good places.

We just got back from a weekend at camp.  I love camp.  This is the camp that I met my husband at when we were summer staff, so it will always have a special place in my heart.  I have way too much fun taking pictures of the pony rides as it just makes for such beautiful photos (too bad I don't have any editing software, I bet I could make them even cooler with a few adjustments!).

What a beautiful place.  It's richness just draws me in and makes me do a little happy dance in my head (or maybe not JUST in my head...).  The snow just adds such a dreaminess.  Only God knows where on earth this adventure of life will take our family, but I hope my kids will be able to experience the simple joys of Village Creek as they grow up.  I have such great memories of this place, and I hope they will too.    

I think I am still recovering a bit.  Jasper, who is normally a very good sleeper, didn't sleep so well there.  Actually I think none of us really did.  We're just so used to our comfy little house, I guess!!  This house definitely feels the most like 'home' of all the places we have lived.  Maybe it's because we moved here when Roxie was only a few months old, so it's the place that we've had kids the longest.  Also, maybe me giving birth to my son in the living room has something to do with it?  I don't know, but I love my house.... even if it doesn't have a dishwasher, or the kitchen is too small, or there is no storage space, or or or.... I don't care.  I know I'll be sad, for the first time when moving.  I can't believe my husband only has one more year of grad school after this year.  Then I honestly can say I haven't the slightest idea where we'll be living- it could really be anywhere on the Earth.  Except for maybe Antarctica.  I don't think the penguins need any philosophical teachings.  And PROBABLY not Greenland.  Or Iceland.  And very likely not the North pole either.  Although maybe Santa clause is looking for a philosophy or religion professor for his elves?  I guess really I will love any place where we can all just BE together the best.  It doesn't matter where we move.  And I will laugh really hard if we end up in Greenland because it randomly popped into my head as somewhere that we would not be moving too.  For the record I know nothing about that place (except I do remember learning that greenland is icy and iceland is green- is this true or am I just randomly remembering an untruth?) and hold not contempt towards it, it just doesn't seem too likely of a place to end up.  

So, I guess in conclusion, my favorite place to be is wherever my favorite people are.  But the awesomeness that is the beautiful valley that Village Creek is nestled in sure does add something special.  If I weren't too green for cremation (which I hear is pretty bad for the environment as far as what to do with your dead body), I would say that Village Creek would be one of the forerunners for where I'd want my ashes scattered.  Too weird?  That's okay.      


  1. "Except for maybe Antarctica. I don't think the penguins need any philosophical teachings. And PROBABLY not Greenland. Or Iceland. And very likely not the North pole either. Although maybe Santa clause is looking for a philosophy or religion professor for his elves?"

    You crack me up, Lindsay. :) I have also heard that Greenland is really icy and Iceland is green. So if you are remembering an untruth, then I am too.

    I didn't know that cremation was bad for the environment. The things I learn when reading your blog. ;-)

  2. Those pictures of Roxie on that horse are adorable.