Monday, October 5, 2009

Randomonium on healthiness

So, I've become rather into being healthy.  I guess it all started when I majored in Exercise Physiology in college.  I've always been fascinated by how the body works- how it moves, how it grows- so I guess it comes as no surprise that I would also find it incredibly interesting to learn how we keep it at it's optimum level of functioning.  I just feel like we can serve our purpose on this earth so much better if we are healthy.  Not only can we be more useful and happy in the present... but it keeps us on this earth longer so that we can fulfill our call on this earth to the fullest extent.  I mean, who doesn't want to live this life to the fullest, right?  Who doesn't want to squeeze every ounce of awesomeness out of this amazing planet we've been put on?!  Okay, this is a super cheesy and probably overused analogy, but it just popped into my head.  You wouldn't fill up your gas tank with coffee would you?  Obviously you car would not function properly, and would probably break down and require a bunch of expensive work to fix.  Well, so why are so many people filling up their bodies with absolute crap?  Do they not realize that the same thing is going to happen to their bodies?  And how much more important are our bodies than our cars?!

So this is the reason I try to eat healthily (and I am by NO means perfect.  I definitely enjoy the junk and struggle with sugar cravings ALL the time!  Thank you mom for passing down the sugar sensitivity gene to me).  It's not about vanity.  I do want to be at the ideal weight for my body type and when I worked with those trying to loose weight I tried to instill this in them.  Not everyone is a size 0 stick that our society has somehow said is the picture of 'beautiful.'  We all have different ranges of what, for us, is healthy.  I should write a whole post on that term sometime.  Beauty.  Ack.  Especially what our society is punching into our precious young girls' minds about it.     

Anyway, that was a tangent.... what was I trying to post on again?  Okay.  I guess this post will be titled randomonium since that's what it is.  I guess I'll probably end up titling all my posts that.  I am so ADD.  

So, back to food.  Simple.  Whole.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients in that convenience food that you pick up?  If you can't pronounce it, it's probably not a good idea to put it in your body.  

Did you hear about the McDonalds cheeseburger that someone left out for 4 years?  No mold touched it at all!  So.... if mold doesn't want it (mold will grow on POOP people!), it's pretty obvious that it can not sustain life.  

So I try to eat stuff that mold will grow on.  REAL food.  After much research my family eats a traditional foods diet.  At least we try to.  Just see if you can get me to turn down one of those amazing caramel rolls they had at church on Sunday.  MMMMM.  But for the most part, we eat as healthy as we can.  It does cost a bit more, but it's worth giving up other things to eat well in my opinion.  Plus, making everything from scratch, even if it's all grassfed- pastured- local, ends up being way cheaper than eating out or buying that pre packaged stuff... it just takes a little more effort.  Just a little, I promise!

Traditional foods diet.  a la Mr. Weston A Price (  We eat high fat and protein.  We love grassfed butter, pastured eggs, real whole grassfed milk, coconut oil in everything,  whole milk yogurt and kefir, grassfed beef and pastured chicken and pork.  We also eat the 'normal' healthy stuff like a variety of veggies, but it's amazing how BAD a rap fat gets... when it's sugar/refined carbs that are the reason our country is obese and full of people with heart issues.  Supposedly low fat is the way to go... and I ate low fat until I wad 22 years old!  People think that fat makes them gain weight.... well yes, fat from bad oils like margarine, corn and vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated oils (trans fat) will reek havoc on your body.... but not the good fats.  And yes, I think saturated fat is GOOD for you!  Fav 'diet' book= "eat fat loose fat"   And I think soy is evil (whole 'nother topic on it's own).     

Okay, I could talk forever and ever about this stuff.... so I guess this is what you get today (okay, confession, I started this post a week ago and just got around to finishing it).  Just a random sampling of my thoughts on putting the good stuff into us so we cab LIVE LONG AND PROSPER hahaha.. isn't that star trek?   I'm such a lame-o and you know you love it.


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