Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GFCF banana pancakes

So right now we're attempting to be CF... casein free.  Casein is the protein in milk.  My 2 yr old is dealing with some GI issues and we're trying to figure out the cause.  So in addition to some supplements, she is going dairy free or CF.  It's not going to be easy because my daughter is a CHEESE ADDICT.  I think she was a mouse in another lifetime.  I think she could live off cheese and ranch dressing (she is her father's daughter... he puts ranch on EVERYTHING).

So this morning I am contemplating how to get some protein into this girl.  We don't have any pastured pork left (ordering a side of hog soon though!!  YESSSS), she is kind of smoothied out (even smoothie popsicles for BREAKFAST have lost their luster), and the only way she eats eggs is scrambled with a BUNCH of cheese... and she is even lately been just picking the cheese out.  Hmmmm.  How to get some of these high quality so good for you eggs into this child of mine?  So we made GRAIN FREE banana pancakes and they were a big hit!!  They taste pretty eggy to me... but no more than custard does and I like eggy anyway.  Flan anyone?

Here is the recipe.  It's ridiculously easy and my 2.5 yr old stood on a chair and helped me by peeling and smooshing the banana and dumping in the salt and vanilla.  Good times.

1 banana
3 eggs
pinch of salt (1/8 tsp for those of you that actually measure things)
1 tsp vanilla

blend all ingredients together and make into little pancakes on a greased skillet.  Since we are CF right now I used coconut oil, but normally I would have used some good ol' grassfed raw amish butter.  But I'm liking all the benefits of coconut oil anyway and I always try to get it into us (I even melt it into our smoothies).

SO yummy that I couldn't even get a picture of them before they were almost gone!


  1. WOW what an easy recipe! I hope your daughters GI issues clear up as she gets older. What a tough thing to deal with...(My husband (Jared) was allergic to wheat as a child which wasn't a good thing because he lived on a wheat farm!)

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  2. thanks so much for posting!! i think isaiah would eat these!